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Finance - Payment Plan

Dear Prospective Patient,
It is very common for people these days not to have cash reserves as savings. If you find yourself in this category we want you to know we have an affordable finance option with our corporate partner MediCredit.

Affordable finance specifically designated for clients having Medical treatments!

  • Amount Per Week Per Month
  • $5,000 $25 $105
  • $6,000 $30 $125
  • $7,000 $35 $145
  • $8,000 $40 $165
  • $9,000 $45 $185
  • $10,000 $49 $213
  • $12,000 $59 $255

*Note: The above table is to be used as a guide only

Apply online:

MediCredit can do the following:
  • Fund all Medical & Cosmetic treatments as well as any associated costs such as hotel accommodation and anesthetist;
  • Manage the whole application process;
  • If you have any specific questions about the payment plans please call: MediCredit direct: 1300 884 355
  • As a minimum criteria for approval is proof of income, the following is acceptable: Full time / part time / self-employed / casual / Centrelink as primary source of income (single parent / carer / disability);
  • You must have a clean credit history;
  • Once MediCredit has received your proof of income you will generally receive a conditional approval within 24-48hrs!
  • MediCredit provide remote access documents/contracts anywhere and to anyone in Australia;
  • Your funds are transferred over the phone so you don’t have to do any running around.

Please let the ICB staff know whether you have applied for finance and for what procedure so we can ensure a booking is available for you when you receive your approval!